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CryptoCrowd Sentiment Analysis

    Made with:

Cryptocurrency sentiment analysis on Twitter posts. React frontend and Node.js backend. Stateless application that uses Elasticache and S3 on AWS for persistence. Application was setup with an autoscaling group to scale in and out as needed.

Organisational Asset Trading

    Made with:

Worked on a team of four students to develop a client-server system in Java for trading of virtual assets within departments of a company. Facilitated trades via a marketplace model where users can buy and sell assets. Admins of an organisation can create assets, users and modify details. Uses MariaDB as a database and Swing for the GUI.

Euphorus Frontend

    Made with:

React application that uses a REST API that I made which holds country happiness data collected from the World Happiness Report initiative. Users can register, login and view happiness data by country. Users can filter the data by year, country and search limit. AG Grid and Chart.js were used to present the data.

Euphorus Backend

    Made with:

Developed and deployed an Express API to support the front-end of the Euphorus Happiness Data web application. Routes support query parameters and authorization using JWT. Includes endpoints for countries, rankings, factors, registration, login, and profile. Tested software extensively with Jest. Created Swagger documentation for the API as well.

Techprowl Computer Auction

    Made with:

Computer Auction CRUD application built with Flask that allows users to bid, review, login/register, post new listings, manage listings, search by keyword, and keep a watch list. The website is responsive and uses Bootstrap. Internal server errors and page not found errors are also handled appropriately. The project was developed with a team using Git.

Breadth-first Search

    Made with:

Python program that implements a breadth-first search algorithm to generate a minimal spanning tree. Problem was to calculate a shortest path from a starting vertex in a graph to each other vertex. The vertices represent people and each person is related to every other person through parent-child relationships. A person can see how they are related to each other person in the tree.

Flight Itinerary Generator

    Made with:

Variation of travelling salesperson problem. Console app that generates a flight itinerary by receiving a mail file, plane specification file, trip starting time and output file. Program uses a heuristic algorithm to minimize the flight length and outputs the end result to the console.

Top 10 Songs Web Scraper

    Made with:

Python program that uses regular expressions to scrape music websites and display current and previous top songs. Users can preview the selected songs in the app, export them to a html file or save them to a database file. Uses Tkinter for the user interface and SQLite for the database.

Note: Does not download songs. The software displays the top ranked songs and links to a legally hosted music video or cover art.

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